Ant Design package components are not working properly

Hi, I have been trying to integrate AntDesign package into my Plasmic Project, however I think the package is very unstable and is not suit for production build.

  1. The most critical issue is: AntD package does not support codegen, after generating the code using plasmic sync, you will get the error saying all antd components like antd/lib/select is not available when loading your component using the generated component.
  2. When using PlasmicLoader simple components like Button and Select are not working properly.

Is there any plan to stabilize AntD package in the future?


  1. This is because when you use codeine, this means you want to take control, so you are the one who is installing third party packages like ant into your project as a dependency.

  2. Do you have a plasmic project URL where you are experiencing this? We will take a look.

Hi @yang , as usual, I really appreciate your quick reply.

  1. To confirm, after rybbub plasmic sync I could see antd: v5 is installed so the dependency was definitely there, however, the issue could be due to different antd versions (the one that was installed) vs the one that was used to registered on Plasmic Marketplace

  2. Here is my project Plasmic
    I have created a new project with AntD package installed, but surprisingly the issue I listed was gone. Have we upgraded the package recently? And btw, if you we want to upgrade third party Marketplace package, how do we do that?


Thanks for the details!

There does indeed seem to be a backcompat issue we’re looking into with respect to the new Ant v5, which we’re digging into.

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