Ant Design System Color Error not updating

Just imported Ant Design Systems 5, and changing “Color error” to a custom color does not work.

Ant Design Systems Settings props - changing “Color error” does not appear to change any associated color props across forms.

• Add a form
• In the submit button’s props, set “Danger” to true
• in project settings, select “Ant Design System Settings” and change “Color error” to a custom color
◦ submit button “danger” will not change colors as it should.
◦ Any error text also remains the initial “Color error” color.
If “Danger” is false on the submit button, and “Type” = “primary”:
• changing “Color primary” DOES change the submit button color.
◦ this makes me think this is an unintended behavior.

Thanks! We’ve identified the issue; will have a fix soon