Ant Tabs unable to switch to next tab?

Having some issues with Andt Tabs in studio. Not able to switch to view next tab, seems to be a new issue as worked before, I’m looking to build and publish, but wanted to check this first as its for my pricing tabs.

can you share the link? I can’t seem to reproduce

I deployed and tabs work fine, so just seems its within my plasmic studio

They appear on home and pricing page

FYI @chungwu I’ve also noticed the Set expand icon position doesn’t work and you can not apply a border radius to the Andt Collapse.

Hi @chungwu, these are the issues im seeing with Antd tabs

The content doesn’t change, making it very hard to tweak content. Any ideas?

We’ll be rolling out a fix for the tabs soon

For collapse, indeed and we’re investigating ways of making antd components more styleable… but right now border radius doesn’t really work, as it is being applied to the wrong DOM element :confused:

Setting expand icon position should also be fixed soon!

Fix should be live