AntD 5.x - Design Token

Hi all, is there a way to define component design tokens for ant d components?

For example, I’m trying to find a way to change the contentPadding value for the collapse component.

Hello @tom_stove.

Are you using our component package for antd 5? You can configure some styles in the Project settings tab in the left pane. You can try changing the Size unit/step for your liking. We are also going to work on adding more control over your antd configuration.

Hi @icaro_guerra , thanks for your reply. I am using your component package, and have configured styles in the project settings tab. It was just a small thing that I couldn’t quite work out how to change, but wasn’t a big deal at all. I was reading through the api docs for Ant d and just wondered if there’s a way to tweak the design tokens. Glad to hear you’re working on adding extra control over them :slight_smile: