Any course or book for Plasmic?

Any course or book for Plasmic? :heart:

Just our learning resources as far as I’m aware! Any specific topics you’re interested in?

I’m used to books or video courses. Kind of hard for me learning through guides. Your guides are excellent. 1 of the courses I learnt is .

I think it would be very helpful to have a big project using Codegen for reference.
Personally, I’d love to have a look into Plasmics frontend, since you are dogfeeding your own product.

I am thinking to create a complete course. I have planned to start on it by December.
Plasmic has evolved much and with the new features, particularly Code Components there so much to share and learn. :100: :heart:

Plasmic is awesome, but I am struggling with some concepts. Not being a developer I could do with some simple end to end courses that have how-to’s on extended the use of states (extend interactions) and maybe including real simple content from contentful or something. I know it’s early days - but would totally love to see more tutorials and resources. As a tool this is way out in front.

I am waiting for Plasmic to make a tool allow us to fast borrow components from other UI lib.