Any docs on how to publish sites and what gets published?

Really enjoying the plasma community. we’re looking to add this technology to our design and development process.

Is there any documentation on exactly how one publishes to sites and what pieces get published? I read through the published document but it doesn’t seem to indicate how you go from artboards and arenas to actual pages in a site I just like to see where that’s documented since the interface is different from other visual builders.

Hi @nursing_earwig , welcome! Have you checked out the point-and-click guide to publishing a site?

The Pages you create in Plasmic correspond to the pages that show up on the website. (You usually don’t need to manage custom arenas and artboards yourself.) Please let me know if that helps.

Or else if you are looking to integrate into a code base, the other quickstarts cover how to do so

Thank you, @yang That really helps quite a lot. What do you mean that we don’t have to manage custom arenas in artboards ourself? What I’m trying to understand is how the flow works when you’re in the design studio environment. Similar to figma you can have Pages all over the place so that’s why I wanted to know how you know which ones are getting published and what the order is. Do you put one page per arena or what’s the best way to organize them?

If you are just starting out, I would recommend not touching custom arenas at all. You can stick to just creating pages and optionally components.

In the top left of the studio ui, you can see a list of all the pages and components in the current project. You can switch between them from there, and add new ones. Each page lives in its own dedicated arena and shows by default the design at desktop and mobile screen sizes.

This way you never are thinking about when to create arenas/artboards manually.

Let me know if all that makes sense!

makes PERFECT sense. just what a newbie needed to know!!! thank you. might be an idea to just mention this somewhere in your quickstart guide as the interface is quite different than what most of us are used to. and since it looks similar to Figma knowing that, and how, you automatically organize our pages is a real bonus.

by the way do you maintain or publish a list of designers that are proficient with plasmic? we are happy to learn but we may need to just hire someone remotely for our team due to our project load.

Yes, we actually just finished a project with someone we can recommend, will send you a DM

awesome. thank you for a great app and for GREAT support. best of success!!