Any exit strategies that would work without Plasmic editor?

Dear Plasmic team, thanks for this amazing tool - we are blown away by the possibilities this opens up for frontend dev workflows. We are currently evaluating codegen for our application and our biggest concern is coupling our frontend to the Plasmic editor long-term when 1. it’s not clear what happens if Plasmic as a company doesn’t succeed or 2. the pricing / business model changes and codegen would not be supported anymore. Are there any eject/exit strategies that would work reasonably well without the Plasmic editor? Or would you provide a self-hosted version of it in case of Plasmic as a company was exiting the current business model?

Thanks @likely_hornet. We’re working on a few things on this front. But the most important one is planned improvement to codegen so that you can generate React code that is cleaner than what we already generate. This is to ensure that not only can you walk away with the ejected code, but that it’s reasonable to edit and work with as normal code (as if you didn’t have Plasmic).

Thanks for the update @yang :slightly_smiling_face: excited to hear that you understand our concern and are working on improving this area!

This would be a game changer and I would pay for this, along with collaborative development on the UI

@faithful_crayfish Can you elaborate more on what you mean by the collaborative development on the UI?

Hi @yang sure I mean similar to how Figma let’s multiple people at the same time collaborate on the same UI. Is this possible with Plasmic?

Yes, multiplayer is already in plasmic :slightly_smiling_face:

Ahh amazing I didn’t know that!