Any plans to register Vue/Nuxt code components in Plasmic?

Hi all, Is there any plan to register Vue/Nuxt code components in Plasmic ? That would be an awesome feature for non React/Next developers.

We want to get to this, but not at the moment! Cc @spontaneous_raven

As you know, most SPA framework are used to do server side rendering nowadays. Next is actually preventing deployment of its latest version on alternative cloud platform so people start use Vercell, on Netlify seems to keep up. Vue/Nuxt is the only real alternative to escape vendor lockin with Next/Vercell. I deploy on AWS but currently it is impossible to deploy Next 12 with middlewares or advanced features on any generic cloud infrastructure such a GCP, Azure, Digital ocean. ( Supporting Vue/Nuxt for code components would be an awesome feature for Plasmic

@spontaneous_raven I can help test the feature if you comme up with a version of code component for Vue/Nuxt, would gladly help

@local_hamster We’re definitely interested in other frameworks, but one clarification - you should be able to deploy Next with middleware without issue on Node runtimes anywhere

@yang thanks for the clarification, i meant serverless/edge deployment has currently only Vercel and Netlify serverless platform supporting the latest set of features (~AWS Lambda~, ~AWS Amplify,~ ~GCF,~. ~Azure function;~ ~Digital Ocean functions)~ I understand that Next/Vercel makes it hard to follow with a lot of breaking changes. Code components are great and i hope to see them adapted to Vue/Nuxt one day.