Any way to make content creator mode available to lower tier plans?

Hi, is there any option to have Content creator mode accessible from a lower plan than the Growth plan?
Context: I want to create a team to handle a blog project. The team would be composed of only 1 designer + 1 writer. I want the writer to have a quick access to the content while leaving him no opportunity to mess with the design

Hi @mighty_donkey - content creator mode is actually already available, you just need to manually opt into it from the View menu whenever going into the project.

The only thing that is Growth plan specific is role-based enforcement and other governance features

Ok! I’ll check that out, thank you!

I’m surprised the content creator mode does not prevent editing a component. I would have expected it to only allow editing component slots. Am I missing something?

@mighty_donkey Thanks for the feedback - we are considering adjusting that behavior in content creator mode

@mighty_donkey I second this - this is my biggest problem with clients. Of course there are instances where I’d want them to edit a component (newsletter form). Feel like the only answer is component based roles