Any way to set a custom font with fallback fonts?

Is there a way to set a custom font up with fallback fonts? We’ve added Nexa to our project and want to have its font-family look like "Nexa", "Helvetica", Arial, sans-serif but it’s currently just "Nexa"

Sorry, we currently don’t support font fallbacks. That’s something in our plan.


mb, hit enter too early. Is there a timeline for when that will be supported?

additionally: would it be possible for us to use CSS variables as a font in the future?

@tiago Also curious if there is news on this, or consistent workarounds

Hi, yes it is now possible to set arbitrary CSS expressions as your font - define a CSS custom property AKA variable for your font list, and register it as a custom font: var(‑-customFontFamily)

It is a bit hacky looking since you see this ugly bar expression, but just sharing in case it unblocks you for now, and we will improve the cosmetics around this

Awesome, fixed a big blocker! Thank you!