Any YouTube video that gives an easy explanation of how Plasmic works for dummies?

Hi everyone,
Is there a youtube video which gives an easy explanation of how plasmic works for dummies (Designer here)? I.e. how does it being hosted (server only or webhost possible)? Easy how to guide, etc.

Hi Aco,
I had published two videos which explains the two fundamental approaches in Plasmic in high level way using drawings. However, it doesn’t include any details about the hosting.

I will try to create a separate video for Hosting. Meanwhile, you can go through the official docs. If you get any question or encounter any problem, please share it here I will try to answer it.

Hi Asim, thanks for sharing. I will do that.

In addition to asim’s wonderful videos, there is also the point and click quick start to deploying a website in a few minutes, without involving any code:

Thx Yang. I’ll look into that as well. It’s just. I have difficulties with the “basics” of commands like “npm run start” :sweat_smile:

With the point-and-click instructions, you won’t have to mess with the terminal at all

sounds terrific!