Anyone able to customize the slug for dynamic pages?

Has anyone had success customizing the slug for dynamic pages?

For example: page/[slug]

We connect via HTTP airtable api to populate the pages, but each page uses the Airtable record ID as the [slug].

Our airtable db has a column named slug with a custom value but we cannot utilize that as slug must be the record id of airtable.

I am willing to switch data sources (e.g., plasmic cms) if it will allow us to customize slugs for dynamic pages at scale.

Here’s a sample dynamic page (nextjs):


where slug is currently airtable record ID:

We need to customize the slug for SEO purposes

Can I ask how you were able to get access to the airtable fetcher? We actually did not mean to make it available yet!

We have been rewriting the air table fetcher to support exactly this, querying by additional fields that are not the id, but for now, if you need to be unblocked, you could modify the air table code component to query by other fields, the source is available on our GitHub

hey Yang, we are using the standard HTTP API Fetcher

it’s pulling in every new row from airtable perfectly, but we can’t figure out how to customize the dynamic slug

glad to hear you have a native integration in the works

will the PlasmicCMS allow us to send over a custom value for slug?

Yeah you can query by a custom field+value equality in the Plasmic CMS

You should be able to do this in the airtable API too though, see and specifically filterByFormula

Note though that Airtable API key means read+write access to anyone who can access your page