Anyone able to implement Tailwind CSS into Plasmic?

Has anyone been able to implement Tailwind CSS into a Plasmic project? Thought it could be a great starter for UI production

we use Tailwind in our Next.js project which feeds Code Components into Plasmic

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Awesome. We are trying to do the same right now too @surprising_viper

Hey @particular_clam, You can feed components styled with Tailwind CSS to your Plasmic Project without any extra configuration just as you would do in any other React project. Plasmic doesn’t impose any rules on that.

i’m a big tailwind fan - honestly i just copy the tailwind scaling system into style tokens. gap-4 gap-8 gap-32 etc.

Would be cool to have a plugin that just inherited all the tokens (i think it works now with imported project)

i keep tailwind on the frontend but it’s really just for when i’m in a pinch but i’ve been finding it almost unnecessary

Hey @working_tuna are you guys using headless api or code gen?

@surprising_viper we’re using Codegen!

@working_tuna @yang @chungwu Is it possible to get Tailwind CSS working with Headless API Code Components ?

@surprising_viper We’re using it through Codegen, but I don’t think the headless/codegen strategy should be a factor here. It worked for us out of the box

hello @working_tuna and friends,

please help to make a toturial to add Tailwind css / tailwind ui to project.

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I’m looking that too