Anyone else have issues saving projects?

Anyone else having issues saving projects? Not exactly sure whats happening but have lost a lot of work due to this issues over the past 2 days.

Hi @adaptive_canid, I’m sorry to hear that - this seems like a critical issue, we’ll dig into what happened here.

Can you share some more details on what you experienced? Is it a sequence like:

• You are making many edits
• At some point, you’re given this error message
• Many of the edits leading up to the error are lost when you refresh
And did this happen to you multiple times during those 2 days?

And is there a specific project ID that you saw this with?

Thank you!

The sequence is after any single edit is made. and all edits are lost upon refresh

Project ID: 6QKSbRTQD4L9mXm89oGinL

This issue seems to be resolved