API fetch failed with ECONNRESET.

How can I get support for a production issue? I’m seeing on some pages that the API fetch failed with reason: read ECONNRESET

Hi @adequate_haddock, happy to help you here - can you share which project you’re seeing this from?

When did you start getting these?

cc @fmota

FetchError: request to https://codegen.plasmic.app/api/v1/loader/code/published?platform=nextjs&projectId=4wi7MZc3BZQHF9arbn2txJ%40production failed, reason: read ECONNRESET

This is when it started, time is in PST

Other pages work, it seems to be related to a dynamic page with the content loaded from an api

@adequate_haddock We’re taking a look

@adequate_haddock could you share your @plasmicapp/* versions ?

@plasmicapp/loader-nextjs”: “~1.0.267",

Could you upgrade to the latest (1.0.320 )? I can’t confirm right now that it will fix it, but I will be investigating it in the meantime

It may already be using the latest patch version, since we have ~ in the package version.

I would need to check the container to confirm what was built 3 days ago

confirmed it’s running on @plasmicapp+loader-nextjs@1.0.267

I can update it, but the release process takes some time

Updating it should be a good think, the newer versions have improvements, in this older version there was an issue with prefetch data, but not sure if it’s your case, I am still not able to see the issue happening on our side, is it possible to reproduce it in localhost, could you provide a way/steps for me to see the issue ?

https://foodsmart.com/registered-dietitian/us/wendy-bricco-meske ← 500 error
https://foodsmart.com/registered-dietitian/us/lacee-pinkerton ← works

I’m also seeing 500 with the latter

strange, i tested it before I pasted the link and it worked