API integration with Plasmic issues.

Hi Folks,
So my team is trying to integrate our APIs with Plasmic and we are facing the following issues with regard to tokens:

Access token expiration erases dynamic products.
Frequent token requests disrupt data mapping.
Customization requests and token expiration seem to clash.
We are facing difficulty importing custom components.
Unable to store tokens in local components.
Data mapping challenges persist.

If anyone can provide pointers, would be a huge help. TIA!

Hi @kindhearted_python, happy to help! Sorry I don’t really understand this list and what is meant by tokens, token expiration, dynamic products, data mapping, etc, is this about Plasmic?

Tokens act as the secret keys that grant access to fetch data from a REST API. Just like a key that unlocks a door, a token provides authorization and allows you to access specific resources and information from the API. However, these tokens have a limited lifespan, much like an expiration date on a key. so we have to refresh that again and again after specific time limit


Hmm, I think the way to think about is this - ignore Plasmic - how would you solve this if you were building this in code? Ultimately you need a way for your code to access the data (the code needs a token that will work).

What’s the platform you’re trying to access via API, out of curiosity?

@yang yes you are right but in code it needs token but we store that token dynamically in global variable so how can we done that thing in plasmic . and i am trying to acsess (make - emporix) api’s for authorization , checkout , products list and details page.