App authentication - problem w/ group management

I am trying to manage the authentication of a group of people via the plasmic authentication app but I am having problems. I set the parameters under ‘settings’ and created the group, but when I try to enter it in the ‘permission’ tab nothing happens. It allows me to enter groups in the search field but once I press the ‘add’ button nothing happens. This does not allow me to then manage the various roles.

How can I fix this, am I doing something wrong?


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Hi @francesco_negrini

Could you share a video of the issue that you are describing ? If possible a projectId would also help with looking into this issue.

Hi @fmota,

Here’s the video:

I have the same problem in every project where I have app authentication enabled

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Thank you for reporting this. I’ve opened an issue and our team will be investigating soon!


Is there any update on fixing this bug?

I also have the same issue
(new project where I’m also seeing this issue, feel free to edit)