app hosting on prod

First let me just highlight I’m not a FE developer so I’m missing some knowledge here and I would appreciate some help.

I managed to run localhosting for the app and I registered the components.
But these components do not work on prod since the plasmic-host page is not publicly available. So what does that mean? do I need to publish only this page or the entire app? I tried deploying the entire app by adding my repo to vercel and it went live just the plasmic-host page was not available although it is on my localhost and my repo contains the page plasmic-host.

How wrong am I in my setup ? Also I will be adding firebase authentication for users logging and firebase offers hosting as well as adding service worker for a PWA. If I can get help in understanding the basic on how deployment works I think I can managed to set these up.

On a side note, I discovered your OTB auth and this seems to be working for me and I can def manage to add some needed features thanks to this!

Yes, you should deploy the entire app, including the plasmic-host page. Do you have any ideas why the plasmic-host isn’t available on prod?