Are there any diagrams or docs to explain Plasmic's architecture?

Hi, plasmic is a great solution! There are some diagrams or docs to explain the plasmic’s architecture ?

Hi @ugly_ant!

We have a few ways of integrating with Plasmic, which might differ a little bit - for example this page might help with a more technical understanding of our Headless API vs pulling Plasmic-generated code into a repo.

Would there be anything in particular you’re looking for?

Thanks for your reply @victor

Is it possible to customize the plasmic studio in local environment? @victor

it’s possible to use React components from your local or prod environments in Studio (we call these “Code Components”). We do it via App Hosting:

In summary, you’d just need to create a small /plasmic-host page, configure the Plasmic project to use it, and register your components so they appear in the Studio

LMK if that helps!