Are there any Shopify provided types for my components?

Are there any shopify provided types for my components? For instance, selecting a product as an input prop to a component? (pardon if this is a weird question, i’m coming from builder which has this, and assumed with the shopify plugin it’d have the same)

my guess is you just use the ProductBox field and provide the handle. works but i really like visual UI for the editors - nice to select/search products and know what you’re getting

Hello @efficient_pelican! Yes, I agree. The UI isn’t ideal for this case.
It’s in our plan to add a specific visual selector for some components, and the commerce product it’s a perfect example of that.

awesome. yeah i really like the type: "ShopifyProduct" in component registration and a [ Select Product ] button in the sidebar that’s just like a spotlight search. and it only stores the handle

This is landing soon :slightly_smiling_face: