Are transparent PNGs supported?

Hi, I have a png image with transparency in my project, but the transparent parts are showing as white color (not blending with background). I also see that the shadow is always set, even if I clear it in the settings.

Trying to wrap this up asap so I’d appreciate if you can help me with this

Btw, one/more of you were helping me closely with several issues over the weekend through the in-app chat, thank you for that! (that chat option disappeared today though).

Hrm… I’m not able to reproduce this. I was able to upload a transparent background PNG and it blends just fine with the background color. Can you share the image you’re trying to get working?

Here’s a silly example that I was able to get working . see here


I don’t want to share the image in public chat, but here is my project id ifDtPzXY7aRKHFTG3E6fqw

Please look at the banner area

It looks like the image’s grandparent container box has a white background - let me know if removing that works

could you give me the name of this grandparent container?

the element doesn’t have a name. but click on the image. then go 2 levels up in your tree

that has a white background

oh that was it! thanks! but I still see a shadow around this image

yep, I think that’s set in the parent

1 level up

it looks like you’ve applied a “medium shadow” mixin

try removing that?

that’s awesome! thank you so much. none of that was intentional. must have accidentally clicked it.

no worries! glad we could help!

this product is great, thanks!