Auto-sized root element disappears

Hi, Guys!

I’m having some problems with a project. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Yesterday when I tried to transform the width of my project, I clicked two times on the corner of my root. This made the root “auto size” and now, nothing sticks on the screen anymore, the root is not taking the entire atboard and also lost the background.

Another issue is, when I start the preview it loses all my padding and my margins.

hrm… can you clarify what you mean by nothing sticks to the screen?

have you tried setting the width to stretch?

feel free to share the project link in a DM and I can take a look

Yes, i have tried that.

I will send you. Thanks!

FYI we are working on a fix for the sidebar margin issues. Feel free to keep editing the project, I’ll let you know when live preview has been fixed

OK! We have just deployed a fix. Please try again and let me know if it works!

thanks for your patience

Hi, Raymond. Thank you very much. It worked.

Thank you for the support.