Beginner questions about using Plasmic without any code

Hi everyone! I’m really happy to be here :slightly_smiling_face: thank you for letting me join this community. I discovered Plasmic through Reddit when looking up Anima alternatives, and I’d

I’m an ads guy, but I specialize in event tracking / technical marketing. I’m no stranger to code (I’m familiar with webhooks, APIs, server side tracking, html/css/js).

I’m primarily looking for a way to transfer my knowledge into tool building. I was originally thinking of doing Figma →, but after spending a lot of my early career in WordPress + Elementor with clunky divs…I’m really hesitant to get locked into an ecosystem.

Are there any guides out there on how to use Plasmic to setup a basic headless static site or even adding in some of the programming logic to do a react export? (i.e. conditional forms / dropdowns).

our quickstart guides are probably the best way to get started quickly with a headless static site.

You can also create a new codebase from the command line

or GUI

welcome! let us know how we can help!

Thank you for the quickly reply! So I read through all of the docs already and I think it still might be above my knowledge :sweat_smile:.

I’m very familiar with no-code (i.e. Webflow) and semi-proficient with low-code (i.e. or Bubble). I understand HTTP Requests / Webhooks, but I’m not familiar with Python or Node.js outside of that context. My code knowledge is basic markup (HTML/CSS/JS). I’ve used Github in a limited sense; to download code or deploy static sites with Netlify.

I was hoping for something that could help someone like me start more from scratch. I also wouldn’t mind becoming a paid user or providing some growth marketing help/tips in exchange for an onboarding meeting.

If the tool’s not meant, or ready, for someone like me though I totally understand that as well. I know on the website it’s for collaboration with departments like marketing/tech rather than a full-on marketer.

Hi there, the last link that Ray shared has instructions that are purely point and click, and don’t require you to touch any code at all. Does that help you? Or is there any place there you are getting stuck / we can improve the experience? Thanks! We definitely hope to continue making plasmic more approachable in general to folks who have no dev team at all, and for now that is the best path.

I tried linking up my Git to a sample template site (before I got started building) and had trouble there. I’ll need to replicate my steps later; I can send a loom video.

For being able to define actions / logic (i.e. building a vue.js app through Plasmic and hosting it on Vercel) - can that be all done through the editor or does the editor primarily just build visual components?

I.e. wanting to create a form

For now the editor does just focus on visual components, so for behavior you would need to reach for code

I would encourage you to do plasmic levels. I think with what you already know, you won’t have any trouble going from the simple to complex. If you already know html/css/js you’re gonna be just fine.

@quarrelsome_wren I just hopped back on Codecademy to refresh up on Javascript and learn react there hopefully. The visual components I think I understand (I did plasmic levels); I was hoping more for a solution that could no-code the logic similar to (i.e. conditional dropdowns based on data from external APIs like Airtable).

But! I’m still super happy to have found Plasmic because this will save me tons of time on coding the visual part. At least I’ll mainly just need to learn how to program the logic :slightly_smiling_face:

I totally get it. I’m the same way. I started to dive deeper into code so I can learn how to do more of the backend logic. I think in time many of those will be abstracted away by the new developments and features that the plasmic team will release—but totally understand.