Best practices for component reuse in Plasmic Studio?

Do we have best practices listed anywhere for component reuse in Studio?

I want to create components for headings for which there are default tag names (h1, h2, etc), fonts, colors, spacing and so on, for most cases - but I want those things to be overridable, in case there are exceptions ( a new color, a heading that looks like an h1 but renders like an h2 and so on).

I could be approaching it wrong. Using mixins works partially, but if I apply a mixin to the default variant of a component I can’t override it in the mobile screen variant (so I can’t get it to be a smaller font size for mobile, for example).

If I style everything within the component, that will work for the screen variants - but it doesn’t seem like all props can be parameter-izable (e.g., I can’t connect color to a meta prop).

Yeah, components are for pretty tight control over variations; it sounds like you want something pretty flexible (a good default + ability to tweak in different situations).

Since these correspond to tags, you could try to specify your default tag styles in the Theme panel, which can also target different screen variants. Then it is easy to override for each specific instance.

You could also use mixins, but as you noted, mixins cannot change when the screen variant changes at the moment