BigCommerce integration missing in Studio.

Hi there,
Solutions Architect from BigCommerce.
I can see on the website that BigCommerce is listed as part of your ecommerce integrations. However logging into studio I do not see BigCommerce under Commerce components?

What am I missing?

Hi, you can find a big Commerce integration here

It works in very much the same way as the other Commerce integrations and has feature parity

However, because BigCommerce apis require the user’s app to publish its own API endpoint, we aren’t able to offer it directly in the component store

Hi @yang
I had a look at this. I am not looking for a starter project.

I was looking for, or rather expecting to see a Commerce component in the studio.

Is this build with nextjs-commerce by any chance? if so we recently had to fork from the official nextjs-commerce:

Hi, sorry I pasted the wrong url, it’s this one

That repo is exactly for the code component registrations which will let you drag and drop building blocks in studio for Big Commerce