Branch not updating from master trying to merge

I have a branch that won’t update from master on 4iRsPieoP8JJsscajwt1tz - it throws a 500 merge error and gets stuck. I need to merge this by end of week for a launch

Hey @efficient_pelican, we pushed out a fix earlier tonight - do you still see the issue right now?

lemme see - is there anyway to back up the branch i’m on? we’ve been working on this for about 2 weeks and a little nervous

Yeah, it’s not clear at all yet, but this is how you can create a commit:

but this merges it into main right?

is there a way to back it up. before i merge? last merge created a bit of a mess and just want to save my state

closer, now fails during merge cc @chungwu

hi @efficient_pelican! can you try again? I think it might have been an intermittent error

it worked!

scratch that - it wiped out a ton of my work. help!