Broken project. Cannot add or remove pages or add custom code

I have a project where I have been testing many things like auth and custom code. Everything looked to work fine until, after several changes, I was trying to add custom code (I have been following your tutorial and Github to add auth through the AuthForm and AuthButton components, working fine). At one point, I wanted to add the Auth UI component used in another Supabase tutorial but the moment I register it, my Plasmic Studio page stops loading. Everything works, I just can’t add it. If I comment the code in plasmic-init.ts, it loads again. The crazy part is that I had already done that previously.
Today I was trying to narrow the issue when I realized that my project is kind of broken. I cannot add or remove pages. I mean, I can, but the moment I refresh the page everything comes back as it was. Could you please help me?
I can register that component in another project but I can’t in a duplicated version of it. This is the project url: Plasmic
P.S. I have just left the project unlinked to my app host for you to see the issue with the pages. I am assuming all the problems come from the same place…

Hello @daniel_grau,

The issue should be fixed, can you try editing your project now? Let me know if any other project has this same issue.

Yep, working like a charm now. Is that anything I did to break it?
Thanks a lot!

Sorry @icaro_guerra, i did not mention you. Anything I did that I must not repeat?
Thank you,