"Bug fixes and CSS animations needed for startup's landing page"

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Created a landing page for our startup’s idea as smoke test using plasmic in less than 2-3 days without code. (Took a day to learn). There’s still some bugs to resolve and css animations to add but very satisfied with the “Easy to customize” section where you can view the components on the page in different sizes and dark/light mode all made without code! Try it out!

If you like our concept, please do join our waitlist as it’ll help us make into reality. The plan is to continue on with adding custom animations so it feels less static and add an interactive front demo of the builder like prismic.io’s demo.

is your plan to white label plasmic?

No, we will be developing our own solution with code in the end. We’ll be only using plasmic for the front end site so that the designer on the team could do updates to it.

Looks awesome with the black and white look!

Thank you!