Bug on adding List Items.

Hi All, it seems there is a bug on lists…… I’m adding a List Item (from more html elements) but that gets me a TEXT, which is wrong since the children of

    must be
  • , besides that I can’t add children cause it’s just a text…

Hi @productive_duck! Thanks for the feedback, relayed to the team.

At the moment we create the <li> elements as text elements because using list items as containers has some caveats, since HTML requires them to be display: list-item to use its default styles (while vertical/horizontal containers are usually flex containers).

Hey thanks for the response!
…the thing is that sometimes it does not render an

  • also this can be bypassed by just creating a component… but its a little bit tedious… not sure why we can’t just create a LI and then add children as wanted… seems like a little bit weird

  • image.png


    Oh for links, I think you can just have them inside your text elements (selecting the text and pressing Cmd + K)! Like this: