Bug with margin/padding assignment

Bug with margin / padding assignment. Unable to set bottom padding… It sets padding of all even if I click the bottom one before setting

Not sure if the video shows it. Will upload a new one soon

For some reason, I am not able to get the popups to show in the recording… But basically:

  1. Click the margin dropdown
  2. A popup shows allowing you to click top / left / bottom / right
  3. I click bottom
  4. Then clickk the dropdown again
  5. And select a value
  6. I would expect the value to only be applied to bottom, but it is applied to all sides
    This is a new bug…

@chungwu could you look into this? I am having a very hard time building out a page right now because of it

We’re looking into it!

This should now be fixed

@chungwu it is not fixed
Now, if I click e.g. "Bottom’ and type right after clicking it, The value is assigned correctly to “bottom”. However if I click “bottom” and then click back to the dropdown to select a style token, it is still applied to all sides

@chungwu… if I click bottom and then type the name of the style token, I am able to select it and get it assigned just to bottom, but again: if I try to click back to the combobox to scroll and click the token, it applies to all

Thanks; should be fixed now!