Build custom control with dynamic values.

Dear Plasmic Team, is it possible to build a CustomControl which can set dynamic values for parts of the resulting prop value?
I want to build a custom control for my DataProvider where I show different UIs based on a key selected from a DropDown. Based on the key i want my custom control to return a different object for my resulting prop for the DataProvider, but I want to use Dynamic Values here.

Concretely I’m trying to build a CustomControl for my WunderGraph client, so that I can use the generated Wundergraph client in plasmic and have generated custom control which shows me all available input variables in a UI where i can then configure my client call with dynamic values.
Is this possible? @wfp @chungwu @yang I think this would also be great as ‘official’ integration… you could even faster connect plasmic with any API

Hi @stuck_guineafowl, you can build custom controls that so dynamic options, and you can show or hide different controls dynamically. These can be based on any contextual data (such as props) that is passed from the component instance.

Hi @yang , thanks for the reply! Using the ‘hidden’ did the trick for me, that’s enough right now, thanks.