Build search functionality on blog landing page

we are adding a blog section to our website “” currently it is not being served from plasmic. we are in the process of migration. the blog landing page is supposed to have a search option. The blogs are stored in the plasmic cms. Titles is one of the filter fields in the blogs.
Right now i have tried adding a text input and use the input value to filter titles. but the problem is that it works only when the full string matches exactly with an existing title. whereas ideally it should fetch all the close ones when the user enters any keyword
Can some one from the plasmic team help me with this. i am not familiar with code. it will be helpful if you can share an example project/
My project link is


You can use the Filter prop with the $regex specifier. You can look for example for ".*word.*" and it will return all the entries that have word in it. Here is a video example:

How do i add the TextInput value to regex.?

For referencing dynamic values, you will need to bind the Filter prop to a dynamic value.

That’s what I did in the first place. but the problem is that it works only when the full string entered in the text field is a complete match. whereas I want it to work at a substring level. I have more than a 100 blogs with overlapping keywords. (for example i have numerous blogs related to amazon, some about amazon photography, amazon listing or SEO, so when the user types in amazon they must see all the blogs that have amazon in title.) there can be other scenarios, like someone might type in 'photo" and not photography still they should get the relevant results.

Yeah, the filter prop is not meant for fuzzy searches. I would recommend using a site search solution such as Algolia. We use it for our docs site and it works great. You’ll need to configure Algolia to crawl your website, then put their search widget into your website.

I dont think that is the right solution to this.