Building construction management app with Plasmic.

Hello, I’m looking to build an estimating/ construction management app. It will have lots of pages including some pages that will have recipes with items inside associated recipes. There will also be recipes inside recipes which will also have their own items inside. So essentially it will be an accordion with another two or three accordians inside. Most pages will be more functional than design heavy. Lots of lists and calculations. Does this sound like something that can be done in plasmic? I have attached an image to show what I mean (it isn’t styled yet, I just have random colours so that I can understand which line is which)

I will also have many relationships across many tables. I’m hoping this kind of thing is easy to do in plasmic without needing to know how to write code?

In the documentation I see a lot of written code so if that’s the case it’s probably beyond me

To build an application like this, you will need to have some technical knowledge of how to model the data schema in the database.

And for the custom ui, to make it linked up to your data, you’ll currently need to sprinkle in a bit of JavaScript code to express certain repetitions and conditions.