Building headless Wordpress site - general questions on using Plasmic

Hello friends, hope all are fine!
Great to join the Plasmic community.

I am a beginner in Plasmic.
We’re working with WordPress for a long time to build websites. Now we are trying to build websites using headless options. So we are learning React, Nextjs, and Plasmic.
We are trying Plasmic to build the frontend. WordPress as the CMS for now.

Normally in most of our websites, we have some functionalities like:

  1. Main Menu > Sub menus > Submenus
  2. Blog/Products listing page (grids/lists etc.)
  3. Blog/Product single page
  4. Slider (having content and animations)
  5. Contact/Registration/search form
  6. Image/video galleries etc.

So my question is what is the best way to build a website having all these features?

Method 1 (My thoughts):

  1. Create a react/next project locally
  2. Add packages and build basic menus etc.
  3. Create different templates and components in the plasmic studio (Eg: listing template, single-page template, homepage blocks, etc.)
  4. Sync Plasmic into our locally created react/next project
  5. Replace the static components with dynamic data from the WordPress database (using GraphQL or other possible methods)
  6. Publish the site to live

Method 2:
Is there any way that we can create an entire website (having all the complex functionalities) in plasmic?
Something like Plasmic Studio + Plasmic codes?

Any other methods?

What will be the best way to build a website having all these features?
Kindly share your views.

The answers here should be helpful

Hi @electronic_salmon, method one is the way to go. It is not yet possible to build an entire Commerce storefront purely within plasmic. Plasmic is designed to integrate tightly with real world complex codebases.

For adding dynamic routes, here is a doc on how to do that:

Thank you @yang and @empirical_toucan for your guidelines :slight_smile:

Hello Electronic_salmon,

Here I would clearly agree with Yang.
Plasmic is indeed the new age visual builder that builds solutions that entrusts in building attractive & appealing visual content.

It was great to be part of this conversation!

Electronic_salmon and Yang.