Building with Plasmic

Hello Plasmic community! Happy Earth Day.

Here’s a website built in Plasmic that I wanted to share. It’s a teaser website for an upcoming online magazine (that will also be built fully in Plasmic!)

Honestly, I’d just like to use my tiny soapbox to thank the Plasmic devs. Your goal to “democratize” web development was really felt here. I was able to build my site visually - writing maybe one line of CSS - yet also pull in custom React components that I couldn’t even dream of using in other no-code builders (too simple) or frameworks (too complex for my non-dev brain). You’ve made an incredibly powerful tool, and I can’t wait to build out this project with it over time.

That’s amazing! Thank you so much @consoling_octopus for sharing and for the kind words!

What a beautiful website :heart_eyes:

@consoling_octopus the animated illustrations are beautiful :heart_eyes:

very cool. whoa how did you do that parallax scroll effect when the books with the butterfly go by?

Thank you everyone for your kind words! @distinct_lynx, I’m glad you like them! We’re building the animations using the software Spine, which is typically used in games. However, Esoteric Software, the makers of Spine, provide a web player ( which I placed into a React component and plugged into Plasmic. It works really smoothly within Plasmic, and incredibly, is more lightweight then a .gif.

@empirical_toucan I used the Scroll Parallax custom behavior built into Plasmic. :slight_smile:

That’s so cool. Really showcases the advanced creativity you can do when you use Plasmic. And aren’t stuck in a more walled garden like Webflow.