Building UI/CRM/landing pages with Plasmic

Hi all, I’m looking to use Plasmic as a UI builder as part of a larger CRM and landing page builder our team is building for a specific niche, just had some questions:

  1. What’s the difference between codegen and build-time codegen for a use case like ours? We will just be using the open source builder rather than the Plasmic CMS.
  2. How does SEO work for the generated pages? We’re using NextJS and we want the resulting landing pages our users create to show up on Google with SEO, is that possible?
  3. This is more of an architectural question but if we were to have users A, B, and C make their own landing pages, would you recommend having them all in one monolithic NextJS project or having Plasmic export code to each user’s own NextJS project? We’re leaning towards the latter but not sure if Plasmic has that capability or whether we’d have to write our own scripts to dynamically spin up a new NextJS project when the user creates a new landing page.
    Thanks in advance!
  1. If your users are not expected to have control over the code, then it makes more sense to use loader or build-time codegen
  2. Yes, that should work; SEO stuff will be surfaced via Nextjs’s Head component as usual
  3. You would have to do your own wiring to create new Nextjs projects for each user, as you are managing the Nextjs projects.

Thanks, is there a way to surface the editor itself to users? I want our users to be able to build their own landing page and then we can generate the resulting Nextjs website. I saw in your enterprise plan that white labeling is possible but we’re not really needing to use the Plasmic SaaS app as we’re handling the code outputs, wondering if this is still possible in the open source version.

The editor itself isn’t open source at this time; only the libraries used by generated code are

Ah OK thanks. Do you know any that have a simple open source website editor? I really don’t need much but I’m just wondering if that kind of tool exists for people making landing page builders