Bulleted lists not working

Bulleted list not working: I don´t manage to get a bulleted list in a text field

Hell @used_meerkat, can you show me where this happened?

Yes sure, a screen shot?

Or a small video could help too, to see if I can replicate the issue to fix it

Looks like the item you’re selecting an item that’s already inside a list. Does this solve your issue?

Yes I managed to do it now. Your video was necesary for me

I have another question. If I want to copy the format of a text field to another text field I should use ctrl+alt+c and then ctrl+alt+v ?

For some reason pasting doesn´t seem to work

In general, yes, that is how you would copy the styles. However, the only things that will be copied are settings indicated with the blue dots. Not styles from some other place such as mixins or from a slot.