Button size not adjusting for mobile version with slot

When I have a slot for the build-in button component and want to have the “Desktop” size for the desktop version and the “Minimal” size for the mobile version the size stays the same like the desktop version. It’s working fine w/o the slot.

The default content of the slot is unique, it’s not possible to have different content based on variants, if you want to apply different styles you should be able to apply some font styling to the slot target itself which is going to work with variants, you can find the slot target by looking into the outline tree in the left bar

I think there is a misunderstanding here not sure if it’s me or you. Sorry.

I have a component with a slot for the built-in button. As I need it for the base variant of the component for mobile and desktop version. But I can’t change the height nor width of the button for the mobile version as it simply stays the same as for the desktop version. If I use the button outside the slot I’ve created it works as intended.
The button is in a slot, because there are variants of the component where we don’t need the button. But that’s a decision of the content creator later on whether he wants to have a button or not. So s/he should also be able to change the size for mobile and I don’t want to have him looking for the button and unhide it or something else.

@fmota Can you please confirm?
It is not possible to have different sizes for things in a slot for different breakpoints. Is this right? And if so, is this the intended behaviour of slots?

Yes, for element sizing it’s not possible to customize the default content of slots, we had some internal talks before about allowing default slot content to be customized per global variants. I didn’t fully understood what you were trying to achieve, why using a variant to hide/unhide is not a valid option ?