Can I create a Plasmic design, leave complex components blank, and hand it off to developers?

Hi all! A late night question from me as a non-developer: is it doable if I create a plasmic file, but leave some of the complex components blank, and hand it off to developers to fill in that blank with codes manually written in regular code editors? (I guess I’m thinking about a collaborative workflow that allocates tasks in different levels and have them handled by different software but finally integrates in plasmic… is that possible?)

I guess it’s doable since you can bring in your own design system components, right?

@inquisitive_ant, what you describe is exactly the key point of Plasmic over other design tools (Figma, Frame X). Your designers can make abstract designs (forms, buttons, etc)

Then your developers would pull the React code to their development machines and “fill up” the components with actual code. Then using the Plasmic Host functionality the designer can see the changes with live component. Just go to Plasmic Docs and look for terms like: code components, and plasmic-host.