Can I import components from Chakra or Mantine?

Is there a way that I can import components from Chakra or Mantine directly from the Plasmic App? (e.g. with the npm URL)

I’d love to know how to use Chakra-UI with Plasmic as well!

@verbal_sparrow has actually a huge contribution of this in the works!

Great!! I take it this is currently not documented?

Either way - looking forward to this :100:

Is there already a rough ETA for Chakra? :slightly_smiling_face: @verbal_sparrow @yang

I am currently giving design system speeches in Eastern Europe, I’ll be working on solving its import bugs from 12th of Oct

Perfect timing. Looking forward to this.

@yang the pull request from @verbal_sparrow was getting closed 4days ago with the comment it will be merged soon. Was the closing a mistake? And when can we expect the release of it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @prime_gecko, we have been testing the components and are still working through some issues…