Can I use Plasmic for a multi tenant application and give access to tenants to a visual site builder?


I’m looking for a solution to build a multi tenant application with self service site builder, meaning that each tenant should be able to build their own pages and select the data they want to display in their portals based on my database. Is Plasmic a good solution for me?

These are the requirements I have identified:

  • We should be able to design our components in any framework we choose and make them part of the site builder experience
  • We should be able to handle multiple tenants
  • We should be able to allow the admin from our tenants to build their own pages and be self service
  • We should be able to authenticate across applications (some pages will be from the CMS, others might be from a different app, but all should be able to share data across)
  • Out of the box image optimizations
  • Out of the box CDN caching and edge server
  • High performance deployed websites, 2 second LCP maximum per page.
  • Flexible deployment, kubernetes.
  • Should handle internationalization with i18n standard