Can Plasmic provide production-ready site features?

I was wondering how prepared is Plasmic for production ready sites. Do you guys generate sitemaps, do redirects, offer google analytics, or robot.txt files?

Second this question re: sitemap particularly

Found this resource, Seems useful:

Good question, and welcome to plasmic! Plasmic doesn’t do any of those things, these typically are configured within your framework, since they are site wide configurations that apply to all pages including ones that were created in code outside of plasmic. So if you are integrating into next JS for instance, then you would set up ga, sitemaps, redirects, robots, etc there

I think this would be a fantastic topic for a blog post or video. What steps are actually necessary, beside building the page in plasmic, to launch a state of the art website with all mentioned things (sitemaps, SEO, Metadata, Robots). Or is there any good resource you can refer to?

For SEO metadata and OG images, you can configure these per page in Plasmic

For Next.js, here’s how you can configure these:


thank you very much Yang, how would someone integrate a SEO friendly FAQ section?

So, does this apply to a site hosted on Plasmic hosting? You pretty much have to go into the actual code to implement this? Would be a cool feature to add this automatically or an option for this site-wide if you are building a simple site and hosting in via plasmic. This would be a great feature for getting an seo optimized site up quickly for developers and non-developers alike.

@yang How does this work for pages created within Plasmic? Any instructions on how to set this up?