Can Plasmic Studio support dark mode?

Hello, could we get dark mode for Plasmic Studio? I’m taking some medication that make my eyes quite sensitive to light, and Plasmic Studio is super bright. There are dark-mode extensions, but they also change the actual colors of the canvas, so they are not a good solution. has dark mode which is very nice for me, but Plasmic’s UI is very nice too, so my heart is torn in half :disappointed:

Also, we developers are used to using our tools on dark-mode. It’s not a nice experience when I’m forced to use light-mode Plasmic Studio to test my code components. I think having dark mode will make a lot of developers support Plasmic, but from a selfish developer perspective, if choosing Plasmic would mean that I have to look at a very bright screen for 3 hours per day, I would be inclined to not choose it as a tool.