Can we get a sidebar for project navigation?

@yang @chungwu can we please get a separate side-bar section for pages (similar to outline)? The new pages dropdown is super awkward to use
• Often, I will switch quickly back and forth between pages to copy things between them… This is now much slower
• Can no longer rename items in the menu. I think it should work, but the menu bugs out when I try
• The menu cannot be resized, so I cannot see the full name + path of the pages.
I like having more space for the outline. It makes sense to have that as a separate page, however my user experience is just worse with the new page menu…

The renaming sounds like a bug when you double-click; will fix. You can right-click to rename as well.

You can actually resize the dropdown horizontally now for more space!

Resize makes things easier. Thank you!
Rename bug is still present

does it only show up when you try to double-click to rename?

yep, double-clicking a name in the menu… looks like it goes into ‘edit-mode’ for the input, however it also immediately closes the menu

I think we’ll have to rely on right-click to rename instead; double click will always trigger a navigation to that component, unless we delay handling the click, which makes normal navigation slower

Right click is sufficient

Just didn’t know you could right click there :slight_smile: