Can we suppress the logs for production builds?

Not necessarily an issue. But could we suppress logs for production builds?
regarding the next plasmic loader package

Hey @very_crab! This may indicate a likely problem, because Loader is usually not supposed to fetch designs in the browser. How is your setup?

Currently we wrap our whole app with
PlasmicRootProvider and pass it the loader instance

The loader instance itself we currently have cache disabled.

export const PlasmicInit = (id: string, token: string, preview: boolean = false) => {
  return initPlasmicLoader({
    projects: [
        id: resolvedId,
        token: resolvedToken,
    alwaysFresh: true,
    platform: 'nextjs',
    preview: isPlasmicBookEnabled ? true : preview,

Everything else is almost the same as the plasmic installation instructions. Besides the prefetchedData props
I am guessing this one needs to be fulfilled ?


For us we have omitted this one

You can ignore the plasmicbook thingy. We’ve created a storybook like workflow with Plasmic :smile: