Can we use CSS functions like clamp and calc?

Can we add the ability to use functions for units such as Clamp and Calc? Right now I am supplementing this with code components but it would be nice to have it native to Plasmic. Both functions really help with responsive design. Maybe a pass-through mode for units that use whatever we put in them?

Love the idea. Generally I’d also love to be able to add more complex CSS styling without having to bring our own component

Using clamp() in your designs makes you feel like you have super powers. Also helps reduce the complexity of breakpoints and other responsive design concerns. I use it for font sizes, padding, margin, etc.

honestly didn’t really know about this and now really want to try it out

Craig, well you can’t do it currently in Plasmic unless you make a code component that passes in the values into your CSS. I have created them for my projects but I am asking for Plasmic to support it normally. An example of clamp() that I use for font sizes for my text headers is: clamp(21px, 3vw, 65px) - which means that the smallest the text would be would 21px. 3vw is the scaling factor based on screen width. 65px is the largest the text would be. To learn more read this article on it: