Can you download the website code?

Hey everyone, new to Plasmic. I’ve noticed you can directly integrate your project into a codebase but can you just download the websites code in itself?

Hi @precise_centipede, yes you can run this in your terminal:

curl \
  --header 'x-plasmic-api-project-tokens: PROJECTID:APITOKEN' \
  '<>' > out.json

# If you have `jq` installed, extract the raw HTML:
jq .html -r < out.json > out.html

That will get you the raw HTML/CSS/JS for a specific page

Alternatively, if you don’t even want to run that from the terminal, you can click a few buttons here and get the HTML/CSS/JS for all pages in a directory on github:

Let me know if that helps

That was very helpful thank you!!

Can I ask a pretty newbie question? I haven’t done any serious webdesign ever. I’m using Plasmic to make a simple informative website for my local association. So no logins, purchases, or anything of the sort. We have a server and domain ready to go.

There’s a lot of stuff out there but it feels overwhelming when you know close to nothing about web dev. I work in IT and have no issue setting up servers and such. Whats your prefered simple and effective tool or method to get a website up and running

If all you need is to publish a website, and don’t need the code, then you can press the Publish button and select Publish A Website


Everything I said earlier is if you actually need code