Can you import React components directly into Plasmic hosting?

is it possible to import react components/code directly into the free hosted plasmic studio? Is there a cmd-line access in the hosted version to install react plugins?

Hi @printed_guineafowl, this isn’t possible yet - you’ll need to host elsewhere, such as Vercel or Netlify for now (can check out for some instructions)

So currently the react components and custom additions can only be done through a paid Growth package? I tried to publish a site that I created, but it failed with “This project is a personal project which is not in a team workspace …” Getting a team workspace would need for us to get the Growth package right?

Can a new website be published only through the github push?

No, sorry I wasn’t clear. To rephrase:

• You can use code components with Plasmic for free. This is a core feature.
• Plasmic lets you deploy your project anywhere, including Vercel and Netlify, which also have generous free tiers (and GitHub Pages, but that’s not recommended because of its limitations).
• You can alternatively publish to Plasmic Hosting. This is only free—there’s no paid Plasmic Hosting.
◦ But Plasmic Hosting doesn’t work with a custom codebase—so in that sense it’s like using Plasmic as a normal website builder (because website builders don’t let you integrate with a custom codebase).
• You seeing that publish-time error about needing a Growth package is because you are using some feature that is only available to Growth plans, such as A/B testing / custom targeting / scheduled content. Remove that, and you’ll be fine.

Thank you for your reply. I just had a few doubts. I had a custom website template in react that i want to import into plasmic for customization and editing. This i want to then run using either react/nextjs to build out the complete website and connect with a CMS system like strapi. Would this process be using paid features in the Growth plan?

Is it possible to import an existing react app into plasmic local instance? Make changes into it nd output as a react app through github or to publish?

Note you can’t edit existing React code in Plasmic - you can only use existing React components as building blocks in building new pages in Plasmic, which you can then publish. So when we say “integrate Plasmic with an existing React codebase,” that means (1) publishing new pages/components into that codebase, and (2) using components already in that codebase.

Outside of that, everything you said—creating a site, integrated with a next codebase, and integrated with Strapi/other CMS—is all possible for free.