Can you link meta props to text content?

Hi guys, it’s possible to link meta props to href and other HTML fields but no to text component content (as far as I know). If that’s indeed the case why so and are there plans to add it?

Hi Ernst! You can link the content of a text box to a component prop by converting it to a slot: Is that what you’re looking for?

@tiago what i meant spesifically i guess is called meta props, basically simply on the right of the component i can input all the fields

Here i have slots on left, but i would like to have to edit text only on right like the meta prop

Hmmm, I see… Meta props can only be used for HTML attributes right now; we don’t support editing slots (i.e., text content props) from the right sidebar and we haven’t been discussing it as I don’t recall anyone requesting that in the past. I believe the experience of editing text in the canvas is usually better than in the right sidebar, as there’s rich text support and WYSIWYG. But I’m curious for your use case. What’s the motivation for editing text in the right sidebar instead of in the canvas?

i have deeply nested around 20 slots that need to be edit for every product. Attaching cms or some other ecom is an option. I tried it, and that isn’t that handy, is more easy to edit in plasmic itself. Overview of right side is simply more clear, its structured. In addition some elements have separate components for mobile and desktop, and now i need to duplicate the value. I would envision the possibility to attach a meta prop to both of the slots.

@tiago because now to get nested slots to the most parent component under slot a slot target needs to be created right?


Maybe you can explain how slots related to Target Slot?

Exactly, @faint_goat. The left sidebar shows “Slot Target” for slots in the component you’re editing, and “Slot” for slots in components that are instantiated in the component you’re editing. So suppose you have a component A that contains an instance of a component B; if B has a slot S and A contains B, you can change the value of the slot in B in A. In particular, you can convert that value to a slot of A, let’s say T, so you will be able to edit the value when instantiating A from other components. In that case, the left sidebar will show a Slot Target inside a Slot, like in your screenshot. I made a video (see attachment) to illustrate it.