Can you lock editing components to specific users?

Is there a way to lock changes to some components to specific users? :closed_lock_with_key:
Light users are afraid of making changes that will impact the whole site, and sometimes they break stuff because they didn’t realise they were editing global components in place…

Hi @purring_vole, the current way to do this is to put the components in separate projects and control access to the projects. Note you can import components from one project into another project.

@yang when you import a component from another project, with the changes from the other project automatically carry over, or do you have to re-import?

@purring_vole You could also give some users the “content creator role” instead, and you can control whether a component is editable by a content creator


@empirical_toucan When you make changes to the other project, you have to publish those changes again. Then from this project, you have to update to the latest published version